Ground water analyses

Uranium, radium and radon in water.

for natural radionuclide concentration were performed at radiation-monitoring laboratory of the Marzeev Institute of Public Health.

02094, 50 Popudrenko, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Responsible person: E-mail Michael Buzinny, tel./fax. 380 44 513-70-74

Water quality testing

Water quality testing include determination of activity of 222Rn, 226Ra, 228Ra and uranium. All analyses are performed in framework of individual contract.
Sample delivery should be announced by phone above mentioned.
Sample volume for analysis is 6-8 l.
Water should be sampled after 15-20 water flow run.
Only hermetical bottles could be used for water sampling.
Sample should be delivered not later than in 2-3 days after sampling.
Radiochemical analyses of water require 10-15 working days.

To analyze complicate water source which contain more than one drilled well one complete set of analyses should be performed for averaged sample. Each individual sample require radon-222 analyze. For that purposes bottle of 0,5 l should be used.

Each sample should be followed with corresponding information:
Well depth,
Well debit,
To whom it belong (name and address).
How many peoples utilized water?

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